AU3431 N.M.E. Reading and Comments

I personally like how the book starts with “there is no single answer to be given” as to what new media is. Technology and innovations are constantly evolving into something better or developing into ideas that can benefit society and enrich the lives of millions. The pencil and paper was once new media, but today it is clearly outdated when you put it up against an iPad 3 or Microsoft Word. According to Wikipedia, “New media is a broad term in media studies that emerged in the latter part of the 20th century that refers to on-demand access to content any time, anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback, creative participation and community formation around the media content.” The Google dictionary definition for new media is “developing usually electronic forms of media regarded as being experimental.” It seems that new media is usually involved with some type of device that can be manipulated or controlled that has both an artistic aspect as well as interactive or not depending on what it may be. To me, new media should incorporate audio, visuals, and the ability to interact or perform with the piece. Throughout the book, I found that there is a myriad of new media from blogging to videoconferencing. The use of MIDI in multiple settings and scenarios is astounding and has come such a long way to how I’m using it for my music production. I also like that most of these inventions and or innovations have some type of educational agenda or origin other than business and making a few bucks.

Laurie Anderson is an American performance artist and “techno-storyteller” who dabbled in creating Vocoders in the 70s, CD-ROMS, and the Internet in the 90s. I’ve never heard of her before, but I’ve been using the Internet since I could remember and currently started using Vocoder technology to produce music. Thomas Defanti is a Virtual Reality and Networking Technologies specialist who is co-inventor of the “virtual reality theater” known as the CAVE (Automatic Virtual Environment) created in 1991. I have not heard about him, but I have probably been in some sort of virtual reality before. Brian Eno is a musician and multimedia artist who is among the most successful recording producers in the world. In the 90s, he founded the computer-driven “generative music” scene, “which utilizes digital technology o create music pieces that recreate themselves continuously upon playback, so that a particular piece of music never sounds exactly the same way twice. I know who he is now because he created the 3.5-second arpeggio that sounds when Microsoft Windows and Office programs are booted up. I know Raymond Kurzweil for his synthesizer and electric piano products, none of which I own, but have used at Guitar Center multiple times. He is a computer scientist and futurist who created the Kurzweil Reading Machine in the 1970s and the Kurzweil Music Synthesizer in the 1980s.

George Lucas is a film producer and director that created the Star Wars saga in the 1970s and has personally affected just about everyone I know cause the movies are timeless. He is synonymous with his effects company, Industrial Light and Magic. Robert Moog is a musician, electrical engineer, and physicist. He is the inventor of the Moog Synthesizer and has affected my friend in that he owns a Moogerfooger Bass Murf pedal that is an amazing piece of analogue gear. Nam June Paik is a multimedia artist and composer who was the first artist to work with television and video in 1964. He essentially invented the medium of video art with a Sony portable camera in New York and I have not heard of him up until now. Daniel Sandin is a scientist and artist in computer graphics who also conceived the CAVE VR theater in 1991. In 1973 he proposed designs for Image Processor (IP), an analog computer for video image processing. To date I’ve never heard of him, but I’m sure everyone I commented on has had an effect on my life considering I’m a big computer user and avid fan of graphic and musical art.



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