AU3431 Midterm Proposal Update 4/18/12

Kevin, Kyle, and I have decided to take the rain stick idea and give it a story telling aspect by adding two other weather machines to make a fully functional rainstorm machine. We will add a wind wheel and a metal thunder sheet that you can shake or strike with a mallet to vary the sound. This will give the audience an individualized experience to create their own rainstorm story. It will require building the sculpture using wood, some canvas, and a piece of sheet metal. The whole thing will then be painted with an appropriate color scheme to each of the different sounds being produced. For the internal materials of the rain machine, we are thinking about using Mexican peas, sand, rice, screws, air-soft pellets, marbles, or smaller mobile objects that sound like rain. For the artistic aspect, we will paint and decorate the PBC rain stick pipes accordingly to fit the sound. It should not take too long to build and test out, which is a feasible idea for the midterm that everyone can check out, record, and try out for an individualized experience. This will be interactive for the audience who can use the rain sticks and use other weather machines to beat on them and create a storm soundscape or story.

Here’s a video from the special features of Wall-E describing the principles we are using to create the sound sculpture. However, we are making this a mobile all in one machine for easy travel.




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